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Avoiding financial abuse

BY DON SPENCER Kentucky Baptist Convention Becoming a victim of financial abuse can happen too easily. The effects of aging make this even more of ... Read more

Could you handle it?

Again this year we will read of incredible loss and sorrow caused by those who stupidly decide to drink and then drive. They’ve heard all ... Read more

Democrats just want to raise taxes, give more handouts

Has anyone ever asked those who make over $400,000 whether they want their wealth redistributed, i.e., by overtaxing their paychecks, so luxuries can be given ... Read more

Sunrise trying to serve state, seeking religious freedom

Kentucky Today As negotiations between the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Sunrise Children’s Services continue, there are two important factors to keep in ... Read more

Let us not take freedom for granted

BY SENATOR RICK GIRDLER (R-SOMERSET), 15TH DISTRICT At this time last year, we were all experiencing an absence of normality due to COVID-19. At that ... Read more

Visibility of hate in full focus

BY GREGORY CLAY We recently discovered a phenomenon that’s even more bizarre than UFOs. That is, many respondents in a new survey couldn’t name a ... Read more

Help Kentucky lawmakers act on climate change

In response to “Our elected officials must take action on climate change – here’s how.” First, “Wow.” The highly-credentialed authors of this opinion piece have ... Read more

Broadband, education, economic development, and water lines

BY MARK WOHLANDER One important lesson which has been learned over the past months when it comes to education, is that without high-speed broadband, many ... Read more

Students’ mental health, substance abuse should be focus of parents

Kathy L. Miles Coordinator, Boyle County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy, Inc. The end of the most unusual school year in recent history is almost ... Read more

Our elected officials must take action on climate change — here’s how

By Christine Cunha Missik, MD, David Anderson, PhD Climate change poses a serious threat to our natural environment and to our economic prosperity. It threatens ... Read more

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