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James Ross and his green thumb are Danville treasurers

Many thanks to Susan Jonas for the excellent article in the Advocate-Messenger that featured James Ross and his work at Constitution Square. James has also ... Read more

Reductions of greenhouse gases become achievable by 2030

On August 5, the Advocate-Messenger published an article by Christopher Flavell and Henry Fountain about simultaneous climate disasters not being freak occurrences. They cited tropical ... Read more

Living – It’s worth the risk

By Bob Russell Guest columnist I have a brother who lives in Northern Kentucky. He’s three years younger than I, and we’ve been close since ... Read more

COVID in the classroom won’t kill your kids — but keeping them at home could

Will sending your kids back to class during the COVID-19 crisis endanger their lives? Not as much as keeping them at home. Since the pandemic ... Read more

Getting settled in our new Kentucky home

I’ll never move again! That’s what I said the last time my family and I loaded up everything we own and relocated to a new ... Read more

Back to school like never before

KENTUCKY TODAY The first day of school meets some with excitement and others with dread. As teachers, administrators, staff and students head back to school, ... Read more

This is why I am OK with wearing a mask

I had a random encounter in Walmart a couple weeks ago that was so strange it’s hard to forget about. As I went in to ... Read more

Study: 1 in 3 practicing Christians stopped going to church in pandemic

By BRANDON PORTER Kentucky Today One in three practicing Christians has stopped attending church during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent study from Barna ... Read more

Legislators must limit scope of emergency executive power

Gov. Andy Beshear’s response to the numerous legal losses he’s suffered regarding his coronavirus-related executive orders is to go court-shopping. After Court of Appeals Judge ... Read more

Returning to the classroom has more questions than answers

Like many of you, I’ve been curiously watching and reading as more information about what the return to school classrooms may look like this fall ... Read more

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